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Light and Power
The Light and Power Department consists of three Divisions: Administration, Distribution and Generation. The focus of the department is to provide safe, affordable and reliable electric service to its varied customers within the town limits of the Town of Culpeper. The department negotiates with Dominion Virginia Power as well as the Southeastern Power Administration to purchase wholesale electricity through its purchased power group VMEA (Virginia Municipal Electric Association) The department also operates a peak shaving generation facility to offset the demand requirements of its customers as well as provide emergency back up power to a portion of the town should a failure of the power delivery system occur.

The Administration Division is charged with the overall supervision of the department as well as sharing supervision for the Utility Services Department with Public Works.

The Generation Division operates and maintains the peak shaving plant being on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for peaking and emergency operations.

The Distribution Division is responsible for constructing, operating, and maintaining the infrastructure required to safely and efficiently distribute the purchased and generated power to Town customers. In addition this division installs and maintains street lights, automatic traffic control signals, and assists with various other electrical tasks assigned by the Town Manager. Assistance is also provided to the Town with holiday decorations, banner installations as well as assisting Public Works with reducing used Christmas trees to chips.