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The Culpeper Police Department is divided into sections that are responsible for various aspects of law enforcement in Culpeper.

The Operations Division is responsible for direct enforcement of the traffic and criminal codes of Virginia.

The Investigation Division is responsible for the investigations of criminal cases.

The Support Services Division supports all operations administratively.

Commander of Operations, Investigations and Support Services Division

Major Rick Pinksaw, Commander of the Operations, Investigation and Support Service Division, emigrated to Culpeper December, 1987 and began his service on May 3, 1989. Major Pinksaw, who holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Science Degrees in Criminal Justice, teaches at Germana Community College and serves as team leader for Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

As Commander of the Operations, Investigation and Support Service Division, Major Pinksaw is responsible for the supervision of the Patrol, Special Operations, Criminal Investigations and Support Services Division. He also has the principle responsibility for planning and administering the departmental budget, conducting public relations activities and acts and represents the chief of police.

Additionally, Major Pinksaw serves as the Department's Internal Affairs Officer. In 2005, he successfully led the Department in achieving CALEA international accreditation.

Major Pinksaw's leadership, professionalism, education and dedication to excellence in service make him a highly valued member of the Department.

Commander of Investigations, Accreditation and Training

Captain Chris Settle, Commander of the Investigation, Accreditation and Training, (ENTER BIO-get from Captain Settle)

Captain Settle currently serves as the Department's Accreditation Manager and led the department to it's fourth internationally reaccreditation in 2013.

He serves as the department's Training Coordinator and also is responsible for making sure all necessary in-service and department training is scheduled and conducted for all personnel within the agency.