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The Culpeper Police Department is a growing department in a growing town.  There has been a dramatic increase in the residential population along with more people coming to Culpeper to work and visit each day. With the increased population, the Culpeper Police Department has seen an increased need for law enforcement to continue making our community a safe place to live, work, and visit.

 Our officers are well-trained and highly motivated men and women. We offer many exciting opportunities for professional individuals who desire to make a difference in the community. The Culpeper Police Department values diversity, experience, and education in our officers. We set high standards for ourselves and have maintained an international CALEA accreditation since 2005. Our Department believes in and support diversity and Fair and Impartial Policing. We continually strive to build strong partnerships with community members and foster an environment of cooperation and respect.

 If you are looking for unique and challenging experiences, our Department is the place for you. We seek applicants who value honor, professionalism, integrity and equality, and possess the highest ethical standards. 

Minimum Qualifications

The Culpeper Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applications are placed into a pool for selection. Police officer candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must be 21 years of age upon completion of the criminal justice academy
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • Must have a satisfactory service record and have not been dishonorably discharged, if prior military service
  • Must not have ever been convicted of any felony or serious misdemeanor
  • Must be able to complete the physical fitness requirements
  • Valid driver’s license before or by date of hire; driving history should not demonstrate a pattern of irresponsible, and/or unsafe driving habits regardless of current point assessments

Non-Certified Applicant or Certified Applicant

Applicants are divided into two types: non-certified and certified applicants.

A certified applicant is an applicant with prior law enforcement experience as a Department of Criminal Justice Services certified officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The written test can be waived for lateral-entry applicants.

A non-certified applicant is applicant with no prior law enforcement experience or certifications through the Department of Criminal Justice Services, or someone who has been inactive from law enforcement for an extended period of time.

How to Apply

The selection process takes approximately 90-180 days after the written examination date. Applicants must successfully complete the following phases:

  • Online application submission
  • Personal history statement
  • Written examination (can be waived for lateral-entry applicants)
  • Physical agility test
  • Polygraph examination
  • Background interview and investigation
  • Medical and physical examinations
  • Psychological examination
  • Interview with the Chief of Police or designee

Written Exam

As part of the Culpeper Police Department application process, a written exam will be administered to all non-certified applicants. No law enforcement knowledge is required for this exam. Applicants must bring with them their driver’s license and Social Security Card. It is helpful but not required to also bring any educational diplomas/degrees, certifications/licenses, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc. for copying and inclusion with background investigation information.

 On the date of the exam, a Town of Culpeper Human Resource Department representative will provide an oral presentation about the Culpeper Police Department, the application process, and test policy and procedure. A pre-employment screening checklist will also be completed by all applicants.

Applicant Physical Fitness Test Elements

The Culpeper Police Department requires all police officer applicants to successfully complete an agility course as part of the application process. Culpeper Department personnel will administer this test only after the applicant has successful completed the written examination and completed the Department’s waiver and release document.

 The agility course is a 150-yard obstacle course containing 8 bona fide job-related physical skills that do not require prior training to perform. The course must be completed in under 1:40.00 minutes. Prior to beginning this test, applicants are advised of the testing policy, given a demonstration of the course, and a warm up session held. Applicants are given two opportunities on the test date to successfully complete the course.