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Gazebo Rental Instructions
The Gazebo is available for rent 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Rental of the Gazebo includes the rental of the covered and uncovered space up to the gate. Rental does not include the walkway going to the pier or grounds in front of the pier.

The following procedures apply:

  • The Gazebo may be reserved within the same calendar year of rental use, beginning on the first day of the year that The Ole Country Store & Bakery is open and reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The Gazebo may be reserved on the same day of use only if it is not in use or already reserved at the time reservation is made.
  • No refunds will be provided but the reservation date may be changed to another date and time, if requested one (1) week in advance of the original rental date and if the new requested date/time is available. A minimum $20 fee will be charged to change the reservation date/time in addition to any additional fees based on the then current rental rate for the new rental date requested.
  • The Ole Country Store & Bakery will act as the rental agent with regards to renting the Gazebo. In this role, they will determine appropriateness of rental, approve rental and conditions of use, complete rental paperwork, collect appropriate rental fees and remit rental fees to the Town monthly.
  • Due to available parking being at The Ole Country Store & Bakery, parking restrictions may be imposed by The Ole Country Store & Bakery at their discretion. Under no circumstance shall maximum occupancy of the Gazebo exceed 90 persons.
  • Rental fees shall be set by the Town with the standard fee being $20 per hour with a minimum rental of 2 hours or $120 per day. Promotional rates may be put in place periodically by the Town with a set beginning and ending date. Rental fees shall be assessed in advance, at the time of reservation, and shall be based on the fee in effect at the time of reservation.
  •  Applications for Major Events, which include large groups of people (25 or more – other than reunions), live bands, amplifiers, or the selling of or commercial preparation of food, requires prior review and approval first by The Ole Country Store & Bakery and subsequent approval by the Town Manager. Applications are available at the Town of Culpeper Planning and Zoning Department, 400 S. Main Street, Culpeper, VA. The application must be received 45 days in advance of the event. Commercial activities and overnight camping are not allowed at Lake Pelham Adventures. In addition to the daily rental fee for the Gazebo, an additional $100 fee will be charged for the Major Event in addition to any additional fees charged to cover the cost of additional expenditures incurred by The Ole Country Store & Bakery and the Town, at their sole discretion.
Renter and their guests are required to follow and adhere to all Lake Pelham Adventure policies and procedures and may be required to leave Lake Pelham Adventures without reimbursement of rental fee if determined to be noncompliant with these policies and procedures.