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Street and Yard Light Service
Culpeper, Virginia
Rate Schedule - SL

Pursuant to Town of Culpeper Code §24-32, the Town Council shall, from time to time, fix the rates to be paid for the use of electric services.


Effective: On all bills rendered on and after August 1, 2023

Applicability: This schedule is applicable to the supply of electricity for outdoor lighting facilities operated during night time hours.

Monthly Rate:  Light Emitting Diode (LED) $14.56

Terms and Conditions:

  • The complete installation is to be furnished, maintained, and operated by the Town and will remain the property of the Town. The type of fixture and method of installation shall be in accordance with Town standards. The Town shall have the option of using either a Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium Vapor lamp in the luminaire.
  • Normally, overhead lights will be installed on Town owned wood poles or on other wood poles on which the Town has installed attachments.
  • Installation on buildings or structures belonging to the Town or to others, or installations which would create a traffic hazard or a nuisance will not be permitted.
  • A customer desiring a type of luminaire and pole other than stated above will pay the cost of the fixtures and provide the Town with a minimum of three complete fixtures to be sued as replacements.
  • Note: The Town does not do concrete work. If poles selected need concrete bases the customer will be responsible for installation of the approved concrete foundation.
  • Underground service for this schedule will be provided at no additional charge only in areas, which are supplied by underground service. In other areas, underground services will be provided at the Customer's expense for material and labor for installation.
  • The person(s) for which lights are installed will be required to enter into an agreement to keep and pay for such lights(s) for a period of four (4) years, and such person(s), firm, or corporation shall be the owner of record of the property where the light(s) are to be installed.
  • If any time the customer discontinues electrical service to any or all lights, they will reimburse the Town for all installation fees and materials. For the Town supplied and installed fixtures, the customer will be charged for the actual cost of material and labor.
  • The customer shall report to the Town, as promptly as possible, any and all lights that are out or not burning properly. The Town will endeavor to replace or repair lights within 48 hours. Should the customer request the repair or replacement of the lights during hours other than normal routine schedule, a service charge of $25.00 per light repaired will be made.

Billing: The Town shall have the option of Monthly or Bi Monthly billing.