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Large General Service
Pursuant to Town of Culpeper Code §24-32, the Town Council shall, from time to time, fix the rates to be paid for the use of electric services.


Effective: On all bills rendered on and after August 1, 2023 (fuel adjustment charge shown below effective May 1, 2023)

Availability: This rate schedule is applicable to all electric service required for lighting, power and any other purpose other than residential service as defined in Rate Schedule RS, where the Customer’s kW demand is 200 kW or greater. The Town will not transfer the Customer to Rate Schedule MGS until the metered kW demand has been less than 200 kW for twelve (12) consecutive months.

Character of Service: Service under this rate schedule shall be alternating current, 60 Hertz, at the Town’s option of the standard voltages available from its electric distribution system. Standby or resale service is not permitted under this rate schedule.

Monthly Rate:

  • Basic Customer Charge: $112.30 per billing month
  • Plus kWh Charge:
  Consumption   kWH   Fuel Adj.   Total per kWh
  0-24000   0.05560   0.01852   0.07412
  24000-210000   0.03942   0.01852   0.05794
  210000+   0.03615   0.01852   0.05467

  • Plus kW Demand Charge:
  50-750   $20.40
  750+   $20.02
  Minimum Charge 50kW   $1,020.00

  • Plus rkVA Demand Charge: All rkVA of Demand @ $0.060 per rkVA
  • Fuel Adjustment: Each kilowatthour (kWh) used is subject to adjustment for charges in fuel costs, provided such fuel costs are charged to the Town by its supplier.  The fuel adjustment rate is 0.01852 per kWh effective May 1, 2023.
Minimum Charge: The minimum monthly charge shall be the sum of 50 kW, the monthly customer charge, the rkVA charge and all applicable rate adjustments.

Payment: Payment is due in the office of the Town Treasurer by 5:00 PM on the date specified on the bill.