Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is designed to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life in your neighborhood. It is also one of the ways the Culpeper Police Department fosters a proactive and interactive relationship with our community. Neighbors commit to keeping their eyes and ears open as they go about their daily business and they have a designated officer they can contact with questions, concerns, or for information.

Many neighborhoods and business areas have established watch groups throughout the Town of Culpeper. The current established watch group list is available down below.

If your neighborhood doesn’t currently have a watch group and you’re interested in forming one, the Culpeper Police Department can help you establish one. If you have questions on how to start a watch group, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lieutenant Ashley Banks at (540) 727-3430 extension 5566.


What is Neighborhood Watch?

The National Neighborhood Watch is a program sponsored by the National Sheriff's Association and supported by local law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and to make America's neighborhoods safer.


What is the purpose of Neighborhood Watch?

The purpose of Neighborhood Watch is to make you aware of the steps you can take to make your home more secure against crime, to show you how you and your neighbors can help each other protect your entire neighborhood, and to make law enforcement agencies more effective in the fight against crime through your involvement and participation.


The Program

A Neighborhood Watch project is the logical first step for any community organizing against crime. It requires minimal effort and gets people talking to and caring about one another. It can be the catalyst for efforts such as safe homes, citizen patrols, emergency preparedness, and similar programs.

Law enforcement officers cannot significantly impact crimes of opportunity, such as residential burglary and vandalism, without help from the citizens. By taking steps to protect their persons, homes, and property, watching over that of their neighbors and reporting suspicious and criminal activity, citizens can help their law enforcement agencies effectively reduce neighborhood crimes. This is what Neighborhood Watch is all about.

Culpeper's Neighborhood Watch Areas with names of Officer's and contact information for the areas include:
List last updated March 17, 2021

Neighborhood Watch Officer Contact
Belle Court Ofc. N. Earnshaw (540) 727-3430 ext. 5560
Belle Parc Ofc. S. Yeiser (540) 727-3430 ext. 5534
Cardinal View Ofc. A. Parker (540) 727-3430 ext. 5559
Culpeper Commons Sgt. S. Last (540) 727-3430 ext. 5514
Depot MPO M. Grant (540) 727-3430 ext. 5575
Dog Hill Ofc. A. Rustick (540) 727-3430 ext. 5545
Elizabeth Crossing Ofc. J. Smith (540) 727-3430 ext. 5586
Franklin Meadows Sgt. E. Grant (540) 727-3430 ext. 5576
Garr Ave Ofc. S. Last (540) 727-3430 ext. 5514
Highpoint K-9 MPO D. Cole (540) 727-3430 ext. 5570
Highview Ofc. K. Argueta (540) 727-3430 ext. 5567
Kings Manor Ofc. J. Neal (540) 727-3430 ext. 5577
Lakeview Ofc. J. Cole (540) 727-3430 ext. 5589
Madison Grove Ofc. C. Campbell (540) 727-3430 ext. 5544
Magnolia Greens Ofc. J. Smith (540) 727-3430 ext. 5586
Meadows pending pending
Mountain Brook MPO M. Grant (540) 727-3430 ext. 5575
Pelham's Reach pending pending
Picadilly Circus K-9 MPO M. Satterfield (540) 727-3430 ext. 5531
South East Ofc. J. Smith (540) 727-3430 ext. 5586
South West Ofc. A. Cooper (540) 727-3430 ext. 5525
Southridge Ofc. M. Barone (540) 727-3430 ext. 5532
Stone Chase K-9 Ofc. M. Haymaker (540) 727-3430 ext. 5506
Westbrook Ofc. J. Cole (540) 727-3430 ext. 5589
Willow Shade MPO T. Sisk (540) 727-3430 ext. 5517
Business Watch Officer Contact
Culpeper Colonnade MPO Det. N. White (540) 727-3430 ext. 5538
Dominion Square MPO Det. J. Barone (540) 727-3430 ext. 5530
Downtown/Davis St.  pending pending
K-9 Ofc. M. Haymaker (540) 727-3430 ext. 5506
Meadowbrook Det. C. Pittman (540) 727-3430 ext. 5508
Town Square Det. Sgt. N. McGuckin (540) 727-3430 ext. 5580
School Watch Officer Contact
Floyd T. Binns Middle School Sgt. T. Caruso (540) 727-3430 ext. 5528
Farmington Elementary School Ofc. J. Smith (540) 727-3430 ext. 5586
Sycarmore Park Elementary School Lt. A. Banks (540) 727-3430 ext. 5566
Yowell Elementary School Ofc. J. Cole (540) 727-3430 ext. 5589
Headstart (private) Ofc. J. Smith (540) 727-3430 ext. 5586
Culpeper Christian School (private) MPO M. Grant (540) 727-3430 ext. 5575
Epiphany Catholic School (private) MPO M. Grant (540) 727-3430 ext. 5575