Bike Safety

The Culpeper Police Department strongly encourages bicycle safety through adherence to laws, proper riding practices, and the wearing of safety equipment. Emphasis is placed on these areas through educational programs and by providing helmets to children in need. The department also has several certified bicycle officers who participate in education programs.


The month of May has been designated National Bicycle Month. To increase the awareness of bicycle safety, the Culpeper Police Department sponsors a "bike rodeo" as part of the participation in the national campaign. The "bike rodeo" is an interactive event between officers and children. Trained bicycle officers take children through an obstacle course which allows them to perform different skills under the watchful eye of the officer. Education materials, safety tips, and available helmets are given to the participants. This event strengthens the bond between officers and the youth as it increases safety.


The department also provides for bicycle registration. This is done at the department as well as at community events. Each bicycle is assigned a license number which is both affixed to the frame in the form of a decal and engraved on the bicycles. The registrations are kept on file at the police department. This service can aid in the recovery of a lost or stolen bicycle.

Bike to School Day October 2016

Officers helped elementary students safely bike to school on National Bike to School Day (October 2016)