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The Culpeper Police Department is a growing department in a growing town. With the increase in residential construction, there has been a dramatic increase in the population, with more people to come. The Department has seen with the increase population an amazing increase in the need for law enforcement.

The Culpeper Police Department is an equal Opportunity employer.

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Certified vs. Non-Certified Applicants

Certified Police Officer Applicants - These applicants are hired at a higher rate than non-certified individuals. Upon hiring, officers undergo a modified field training phase based upon their experience.

Non-Certified Police Officer Applicants - Upon hire, these individuals will be required to review (with or without legal assistance*) and sign the Town of Culpeper Police Department Training Contract** and are sent to the 16-week certification training at the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy, fully paid by the Department. Upon successful completion f this training, the officers then undergo field training. Upon completion of field training, the officer then receives his or her certification from the Department of Criminal Justice Serves and receives an increase in salary that is equal to the new-hire, already-certified police officer's salary.

*Individuals may, at their own expense, have an attorney review the contract.

**The contract, in part, is an agreement that should the officer quit or be terminated prior to two full years of service to the Tow of Culpeper, he or she will reimburse the full cost of training.

Step 1

The written police officer examination is required of all applicants. You should bring your Social Security Card and valid Virginia Operator's License. (It is helpful if you also bring any educational diplomas/degrees, certifications/licenses, marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc. for copying and inclusion with background investigation information.)

This test, similar in form to the high school PSAT/SAT, includes a 25 minute study period (material provided0 followed by a one hour 45 minute testing period. The test is cored immediately and you are informed whether you passed (70% and higher) or failed.

If you pass the test, you will meet with one of your Criminal Investigation Section officers who will review the background investigation procedures, have you review and fill out authorization forms. Additionally, you will be fingerprinted and photographed.

If you fail the test, Department policy allows you one additional opportunity to re-take the examination after a six-month waiting period.

Step 2

If you are successful in passing the background investigation, you undergo a polygraph and psychological evaluation, and under additional interview as needed.

Upon successful completion of the above, you are eligible for hire and your name is place in the pool of successful applicants for hire when a police officer position become available.

Upon hire, you will be required to undergo a medical examination and drug test.

How to Apply
The Department hires both certified and noon-certified individuals to serve as sworn police officers. Currently certified officers follow the same application procedure as non-certified applicants.

The Department hires through our pool of applicants who have successfully completed our pre-employment process. There are several steps involved:

  • completed Town of Culpeper job application
  • written examination
  • physical agility test
  • oral panel interview
  • thorough background investigation
  • polygraph
  • psychological evaluation
  • serval interviews
  • medical examination

This process lasts approximately 90-180 days. Those applicants successfully completing all phases of this procedure form the pool from which the Department hires police officers.

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    740 Old Brandy Rd
           Culpeper VA 22701
Chief of Police, Chris Jenkins                       
Major, Chris Settle                       
Captain, Timothy Chilton