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Cost of Grave Spaces
  $ 900 - Town Resident
$1,000 - County Resident
$1,100 - Out of County Resident
  Transfer of Ownership: $50.00 (Effective April 11, 2001)
Stone Placement Permit Fee: $50.00 (Effective August 12, 2003
Costs of Opening & Closing Graves

Standard Grave

(over 3')

Non-Standard Grave

(up to 3')

Basic Cost

(after 11am Monday or the day following a Town Holiday)

Saturday Interment
Double-Depth Interment Additional $400 added to basic or Saturday interment cost (top burial will be at regular price)
   400 S. Main St., Ste.,105
        Culpeper VA 22701
Town Clerk, Kim Allen                       
Deputy Clerk, Ashley Corbin                       
Records Management/Administrative Assistant, Kimberley Watts                       

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