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The Town of Culpeper Public Works Department provides trash collection for residents and businesses once per week. The following highlights the services and fees.


The Town furnishes each resident with one 95-gallon trash cart at $2 per month.

If a resident finds that one trash cart is insufficient, additional carts may be purchased for sixty dollars ($60) each, not to exceed a total of four (4) carts. Additional carts will be billed an additional $2.00 per month and may be purchased at the Treasurer's Office, 400 South Main Street, Suite 109, Culpeper.


The Town allows up to four (4) trash carts per business at a monthly tipping fee of $11.00 per cart, a monthly pick up fee of $2.00 per cart. 
Total Monthly cost for 1 cart and pick up fee is $13.00 per month.  Additional carts will be billed an additional $2.00 per month, not to exceed a total of four (4).  Additional carts may be requested at the Town Treasurer's Office, 400 South Main Street Suite 109, Culpeper.

Acceptable Receptacles: 

Only refuse contained in the 95-gallon cart(s) supplied by or purchased from the Town will be collected.

Other Information:

Cancellations of trash collection due to inclement weather are announced on

1) WCVA AM 1490

2) WJMA FM 103.1

Holiday schedule changes are announced on the radio, in the local newspapers, or Culpeper Media Network, on the Town's website, and posted at the Municipal Building, 400 South Main Street.


Please contact the Public Works Department with questions regarding the trash services or any other trash collection matters at (540) 825-0285. For billing related questions, please contact the Town Treasurer's Office at (540) 829-8220.

    400 S. Main St.,  Suite 109
           Culpeper VA 22701
           Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
If there are any questions regarding a tax or utility account, please contact us by email at payonline@culpeperva.gov.  All emails are responded to by the next business day.

Treasurer/Director of Finance, Howard Kartel
Assistant Finance Director, Jennifer Landreth
Chief Accountant, Karen Kelley
Accounting Technician, Tammy Callahan
Accounting Technician, Mona Senatro
Accounting Technician - Payroll, Cynthia Harbin
Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable, Tammy Williams  
Deputy Treasurer, Diana Beales
Utility/Billing Coordinator, Alexis Jeffries
Billing/Accounting Clerk, Ashley Aust  
Customer Service Representative, Victoria Bailey  
Customer Service Representative, Veronica Braxton  
Customer Service Representative, Sally Dodson  
Customer Service Representative, Renee Stiffler