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The Treasurer's Office is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and performing all accounting requirements and administrative duties as assigned by Culpeper's Town Council and Manager. This includes processing, preparing, maintaining, monitoring and accounting for all cash receipts, deposits, bills incurred, disbursements, accounting journals and ledgers for all funds, monthly financial statements, budgeting transactions, utility and tax billing functions, fishing licenses, boating permits, banking and investing transactions, assisting the independent auditors with the annual audit, responding to customer inquiries, resolving customer concerns, and assisting in safeguarding the Town's assets.


    400 S. Main St.,  Suite 109
           Culpeper VA 22701
           Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
If there are any questions regarding a tax or utility account, please contact us by email at payonline@culpeperva.gov.  All emails are responded to on the next business day.

Treasurer/Director of Finance, Howard Kartel
Deputy Treasurer, Jennifer Landreth
Chief Accountant, Karen Kelley
Accounting Technician, Tammy Callahan
Accounting Technician, Mona Senatro
Tax Administrator / Collections Supervisor, Diana Beales
Utility/Billing Administrator, Alexis Jeffries
Payment Obligations Supervisor, Tammy Williams  
Billing Clerk, Ashley Aust  
Customer Service Representative, Renee Stiffler  
Customer Service Representative, Sally Dodson  
Customer Service Representative, Veronica Braxton  
Customer Service Representative, Victoria Bailey