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Meeting Schedule:

The Architectural Review Board's regular monthly meeting is scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of each month. The meeting is held in the the Economic Development Center, 803 S. Main St. Council Meeting Room, beginning at 5 p.m.

Purpose of the Board:

The Architectural Review Board consists of five members who serve four-year terms. Members are to be all town citizens or property owners or merchants in the district or a licensed architect or architectural historian. Board has the power and duty to: 1) undertake studies and review information related to historic structures and properties in the town, identify and recommend additional properties or areas to be designated as an historic district, and identify and recommend boundary changes to the existing historic district; 2) recommend to town council guidelines for applying for standards set out in Section 27-128, including methods for revitalizing structures to preserve their historic character, an inventory and ranking of historic structures, a synopsis and ranking of historic aspects of construction and information related to costs of renovation; and 3) review applications for findings of architectural compatibility to the extent that they involve activities coming under the jurisdiction of Section 27-128 and to determine whether such applications comply with those standards, such a determination to be entitled a "finding of architectural compatibility.

The Town's Historic District is located on the National and State Federal Landmark of Historic Places.

Architectural Review Board Members:

 Address Work Phone   Home Phone Appointed 
Term Expires
Chris D. Hamilton
PO Box 68 Boston 229-7984 547-3906 08/09/2005
Michael E. Lysczek
124 Hillside Dr. Locust Grove 825-5591 825-4839 05/09/1995 05/31/2023
Kiley Doll
360 Snyder Lane 520-440-5384   10/10/2017
Kimberly A. Trickett
1908 Juniper Drive 738-2550 757-350-9388 10/13/2015
John L. Cerio
913 Langdale Court 703-401-9978 829-1154 05/14/2008 05/31/2020

Contact:  Planning and Community Development, (540) 829-8260