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Meeting Schedule:

The Town's Parks & Recreation Commission meets bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September, and November) on the last Monday of the month at 5PM.  The meetings are located at the Economic Development Center, 803 S. Main St, Culpeper, VA.

Purpose of the Commission:

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of seven members who serve four-year terms. Members shall be town and county residents with two-thirds majority of the membership being town residents and one member of Council shall serve as a voting member on the Commission at the pleasure of Council. Purpose of the Commission is to serve as a liaison between the town government and citizens of the community. Commission advised the Town government of matters affecting recreation policies, programs, acquisition or disposal of lands and properties related to the Town’s parks and recreation plan.

The Commission makes recommendations to the Town Council for items such as:

  • Establishment of a system for supervised and/or unsupervised recreation.
  • Setting apart land for use as parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and/or areas, water recreational areas, structures, lands or buildings owned or leased to the Town.
  • Improvement and development of such lands, buildings, and programs within funds allocated.
  • Construction, equipping, operation, and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, to include buildings and structures necessary or useful.

Art Council Members:

 Address Work Phone   Home Phone Appointed 
Term Expires
David C. Duey, Jr.
105 W. Mason Street 571-721-4275 727-8857 11/12/2014
Laurel Gravatte (vc)
1139 S. Blue Ridge. Ave. 825-1380 02/08/2011 12/31/2019
Hank Milans
602 S. West Street   825-0832 01/10/2017
Nathan S. Umberger
306 E. Spencer Street 540-727-4122 718-1313 02/14/2017
Meaghan Taylor
PO Box 605   718-7763 01/04/2016 Pleasure of Council

Contact:  Planning and Community Development, (540) 829-8260

   400 S. Main St., Ste., 105
        Culpeper VA 22701
Town Clerk, Kim Allen                       
Deputy Clerk, Ashley Clatterbuck           
Records Management/Administrative Assistant, Courtney Strawser           

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