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Lake Pelham Adventures Park

Discover the true lake experience at Lake Pelham Adventures Park.  Lake Pelham Adventures is located at The Ole Country Store & Bakery, off of Route 29 south in Culpeper.  We offer canoe, kayak, paddle board and paddle boat rentals.  These rentals are a perfect way to spend a warm day or afternoon.  A gazebo is available for use or rent by the Town of Culpeper and can be rented at the Ole Country Store & Bakery.

Rentals will only be provided to an adult at least 18 years of age who possesses a driver's license or other picture ID issued by a government agency or educational institution.   Payment of the rental fee is required to rent a watercraft.  Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets) are included in the rental price and are provided in limited quantities.  The watercraft cannot be rented without all users having a properly fitted life jacket.  It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that all users of the rental watercraft have a properly fitted life jacket at all times and follow all rental rules. All watercraft are rented based on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not take reservations or hold boats. The watercraft rental facility is closed during inclement weather. 

Parking and a public boat ramps are located behind The Ole Country Store and Bakery for use by the public using Lake Pelham Adventures.

For check-in location, select "Rates and Hours".  When renting, please park in the available parking behind the store or in the gravel area away from the store entrance as a courtesy to other customers due to the anticipated extended period of your stay.

Watercraft must be returned by the time designated by rental agent.

A video demonstration before renting a watercraft are available to view by selecting the video gallery image below.


Please read the documents below before your visit.  To facilitate the rental process, fill out and bring the Boat Rental Agreement to The Ole Country Store & Bakery.  If the Boat Rental Agreement cannot be printed, they will be available at Lake Pelham Adventures.

Lake Pelham Watercraft Rental
  Gazebo Rental
Personal Flotation Device Boat
  Sea Cycle
Watercraft Safety
  Aqua Cycle
Wear a Personal Flotation Device
  Kayak Carrier

Certificate to Fish and Boating Permits can be purchased at The Ole Country Store & Bakery, Town Hall located at 400 South Main Street in Culpeper or from our website.  A state fishing license may be required.


The Town of Culpeper would like to thank the following partners for their assistance in the endeavor:

  • The Old Country Store & Bakery 
  • MD Russell Construction, Inc.
  • Lifepoint Church
  • ATCS
  • Culpeper Wood Preservers
  • Samuel James Construction