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Culpeper was established in 1759 and was known as Fairfax and Culpeper Court House before a new charter gave it the final name of Culpeper in December 1870. Culpeper has seen 18th century revolution with the Culpeper Minutemen, a gold rush, and plenty of Civil War action with a railroad at stake. In fact, the town changed hands 78 times during the American Civil War.

Today, Culpeper, a Great American Main Street, offers quintessential Southern charm. Our streets are filled with boutique shops, award-winning chef inspired cuisine, and a thriving small business community. We are surrounded by historic landmarks and scenic byways, whereas our economy is routed in agriculture, advanced manufacturing, telecommunications and healthcare.

It’s easy to see why Architectural Digest named Culpeper "The Prettiest Town in Virginia"

Our Vision

Promote development and investment to create long-term sustainability through a coordinated effort which ensures that there is a balance between aesthetics, economics, public health and safety, and transportation and public services that can be maintained over the long term resulting in a community that is equal to or better than the present day.

      400 S. Main St., Ste.
              Culpeper VA 22701
 Town Clerk, Kim Allen
 Deputy Clerk, Lisa Wortman

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